who is doing this?

the municipality spends millions to make the park enjoyable for all of us. but a few drunk scumbags think they can spoil it. i see everyday the police patrolling the streets around the buildings. and not only once a night. why can-t they also include the park as well. there are well paved roads there. and things like that did not happen during 2 minutes. and it was not only on one night . wonder what will be tomorrow.
This is from Strogino, where we live . The place is the -beach- where the municipality put out last year 100s of tons of fine sand for our enjoyment. and this wooden benches for enjoying the sun . as one can see o none photo, they are being rammed deeply into the ground. but they are still being pulled out. and wantonly destroyed.
Benedikt Morak
Ul.Isakovskogo 14-2-472
20 апреля 2017 в 21:05

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Benedikt Morak 20 апреля 2017

and here are the photos of the place. .

Infinity 21 апреля 2017

This is terrible to see. Absolutely unacceptable and sad to understand that people don't value good things even in close proximity to their homes.
Unfortunately our police prefers not to deal with drunk people, as you never know what can be on their drunk mind and in which pocket they might have a knife to throw into annoying policeman. So police normally does not patrol parks at night.
I have sent a complaint to municipality with a request to fix the benches and secure the park from drunk morons at least at night. Thank you for the photos, I've attached it for the proof.
I will let you know how it goes.